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Camera Shy … 23

Charanda Blanco Rum, Forest Gin, fuji apple, mushroom, lemon, pine.


Focus your camera, the fog and mist may part just enough to catch a shot of this shy guy.


Joshua Ibañez, 2023

mohai-tai … 22

House barrel-aged Jamaican rum, guava, apricot, orgeat, lime, Rainier Beer, smoked hops. 


Two worlds collide for the perfect Seattle tribute to the classic Mai Tai. The original Rainier R lives at the Museum of History and Industry... they wouldn’t let us borrow it. 


Jen Akin, 2021


Novo Fogo Silver, Chameleon and Tanager Cachaca, acai, passion fruit, allspice, lime, absinthe.


Free same day shipping for Inside Passage guests.


Jen Akin, 2021; Kate Perry, 2017


Teeda Japanese rum, yuzu, lemongrass, lime leaf, mango, absinthe, kelp. 


No need to dive to the depths of the ocean for this herbaceous and savory cocktail.


Jen Akin, 2021

dinglehopper … 22

Reposado tequila, strawberry, rose geranium, aperitivo, lemon, Angostura bitters. 


Please refrain from brushing your hair with the Dinglehopper at the table.


John Fry & Maggie DiGiovanni, 2022; Jen Akin, 2018

THE Inside Passage … 22

Jamaican, Guyanese, and Bajan rums, unaged rhum agricole, marionberry, passion fruit, champagne syrup, yellow chartreuse, lime.


You’ll find this complex and assertive cocktail is far easier to navigate than the unpredictable currents of the Inside Passage. Finish it and you might find yourself among one of the many shipwrecks found along the way.


Jen Akin, 2020

THE four boys … 22

Jamaican and Bajan rums, mango, rice milk, Ube, lime, ginger.


Named for the four Filipino bartenders that created all of Don the Beachcomber’s original “Rhum Rhapsodies”. Let off some steam and enjoy!


John Fry, 2021

'62 panorama punch … 21

‘62 PANORAMA PUNCH 20 Copperworks Gin, aged rhum agricole, Creole Shrubb, mandarin, almond milk, cranberry, lime, bay leaf. Presented in an actual 1962 Seattle World’s Fair glass, with mandarin and almond milk sorbet.


The Bubbleator is in the repair shop, so let this fruit and spice creation transport you to the World of Tomorrow.


Joshua Ibañez, 2021

Ballard fog cutter … 22

Aquavit, cognac, gin, fresh lemon and orange, honey, orgeat, absinthe, Angostura, salt. Garnished with dill and smoked salmon crostini.


Embrace your inner Viking and drink out of a horn.

one-eyed willy … 23

Blend of rich and funky rums, vanilla, banana, cinnamon, Angostura bitters and a hint of fresh lime.


The PNW’s most famous pirate.  Hey you guys…this tropical old fashioned is delish!  Never say Die!


Sean Dumke, 2020

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